The roots of Methodism in the Big Sandy and South Turkey Creek area date back to the preaching of Bishop Francis Asbury. Bishop Asbury recorded in his journal that he preached to over 500 people in our area in the early 1800s. Many of the founding families, some of whom date back to the revolutionary war, still have descendants in the churches. 


Our vision is to be a faithful, vital presence of the Living Christ in our communities. We seek to inspire, inform and involve all persons in the life of Christ. Our belief is that fulfilling our vision will result in transformed lives for individuals and communities that reflect the Kingdom characteristics of love, care, peace and joy extended to all. Our conviction is that we are to be not only "hearers" but "doers" of the Word


     Both congregations have resumed indoor, safe worship.  Fully vaccinated worshipers may choose to wear a mast or not.  Those not yet fully vaccinated are asked to wear a mask.    Also, parking lot worship remains an option at Big Sandy on FM 87.9 at 11 a.m.


Our churches are set in some the most beautiful mountain settings in Western North Carolina. Many parishioners are involved in agriculture and a number of others are employed in Asheville. A value both communities cherish, is being open and welcoming to newcomers. Driving through the communities reveals a robust agricultural setting interspersed with the homes of newcomers.